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Is Your Spouse Defensive? Read this!

This article first appeared on Marriage.com. Me: “You never take the garbage out!” Husband: “That’s not true.”   Me: “You’re not listening to me!” Husband: “Yes I am.” Me: “Why don’t you ever cook dinner for me?” Husband: “I do.”   These kinds of maddening little conversations happen all the time. It drives me crazy, […]

To Fight or Not to Fight? Individual Therapy Can Help

This article first appeared on Marriage.com. At some point in my late twenties, it became clear to me that the men I was most attracted to were the worst partners for me. My most passionate relationshipleadshe ones I felt were “meant to be,” the men who were my “soulmates”…these were the ones I had the […]

Why You Should Hold Hands When You Fight

This article first appeared on Marriage.com. If you’re anything like I used to be, the last thing you want is to be touched by your partner when you’re fighting. It used to be that if my partner and I were fighting, and he would reach out to me in any way, I would pull away. […]

Is Your Marriage Alive or Dead?

This article first appeared on Marriage.com.  I have tried and failed twice to read Martin Buber’s timeless text, “I and Thou.” The first time, recommended by a  therapist in 1999, I couldn’t find a copy of the book. The second time, I struggled through the first 10 pages and gave up. Like all of the […]

Is There an Upside to Infidelity?

This article first appeared on Marriage.com.   Let me clarify right away that I never condone affairs. However, if an affair has happened, and you’re left wondering “what next?,” the good news is that affair recovery work can absolutely lead to a stronger, healthier marriage than there was before. When an affair (or worse yet, multiple affairs) is discovered, […]