Meditation and our Most Important Relationships

I authored another article for Golden Gate Mother’s Group Magazine titled, “The Power of Presence” where I explore how mindfulness, as well as a meditation practice, can help support all areas of your life and relationships. You can view the full article (starts on page 20 of the PDF) here.

Kids and Screen Time: Making Informed Choices

I recently wrote a piece for Golden Gate Mother’s Group Magazine titled, “Technology and Kids: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” an article that explores the data surrounding kids and screen time, helping inform parents as to how to make the right choice for their families. You can view the full article (starts on […]

Is Your Spouse Defensive? Read this!

This article first appeared on Me: “You never take the garbage out!” Husband: “That’s not true.”   Me: “You’re not listening to me!” Husband: “Yes I am.” Me: “Why don’t you ever cook dinner for me?” Husband: “I do.”   These kinds of maddening little conversations happen all the time. It drives me crazy, […]

To Fight or Not to Fight? Individual Therapy Can Help

This article first appeared on At some point in my late twenties, it became clear to me that the men I was most attracted to were the worst partners for me. My most passionate relationshipleadshe ones I felt were “meant to be,” the men who were my “soulmates”…these were the ones I had the […]

Why You Should Hold Hands When You Fight

This article first appeared on If you’re anything like I used to be, the last thing you want is to be touched by your partner when you’re fighting. It used to be that if my partner and I were fighting, and he would reach out to me in any way, I would pull away. […]

Is Your Marriage Alive or Dead?

This article first appeared on  I have tried and failed twice to read Martin Buber’s timeless text, “I and Thou.” The first time, recommended by a  therapist in 1999, I couldn’t find a copy of the book. The second time, I struggled through the first 10 pages and gave up. Like all of the […]

Is There an Upside to Infidelity?

This article first appeared on   Let me clarify right away that I never condone affairs. However, if an affair has happened, and you’re left wondering “what next?,” the good news is that affair recovery work can absolutely lead to a stronger, healthier marriage than there was before. When an affair (or worse yet, multiple affairs) is discovered, […]